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I’m Completely peed off tbh

Gutted at the changes to the market stall - it's not worth it any more!! RIDICULOUS TO BE FILLING ORDERS AT A LOSS!!!!

Why have the rewards been reduced from up to £1500 and 5 order points, to max £1000 and 2 order points?

PLUS, and this REALLY PEES ME u operate at a loss!

BBQ sauce costs total £180x3 to produce=£540, Strawberryx3=£240, Blackberryx4=£400.... Total £1180 to produce!!! Reward a measly £1000!! And a poxy 2 reward points?? How's that logical???

What a POINTLESS MOVE Nanobit.

We're not idiots you know. Could you put the original reward system back in place please, after all it's actually far more time consuming filling these orders that it is doing takeaway orders so we deserve the rewards to fit the effort!!
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