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Had to restart twice not doing it again ... HELP

I have had to restart this game twice had spent money on gems to decorate both times and each time I got a new phone I'm back to the start again can anyone help me at all I'm not starting over again
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    I’m sorry to hear this has happened, but unfortunately Android does not automatically transfer the game data to a new device which is why it is having you restart. However support will be more than happy to look into seeing if there is something they can do. Email the following information to
    1. Subject chef Town
    2. ID, any purchases, game lvl
    3. Your old device type and your current device type (and if you the old)

    I hope they can help.

    Also there is a Facebook Group called Chef Town Gamers where a few members have had this issue and maybe you can see if they had any luck in transfers of find other Android players.
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