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I’m really going bonkers

HELP!!️ Too many elevators! They’re killing me!

Somehow my elevators have started to REPRODUCE like rabbits!

If I put them in storage, the next day they’re progeny is in the Bakery and they are still in storage. Finally, storage fills up and I have to start selling them (which is not a bad thing at first) but sometimes they are hiding something behind them and I LOSE it! I just lost a drink maker that cost me 65 gems! I don’t know what else either.

I have added 2 screenshots of over a dozen so far showing the elevator’s destruction of my Bakery!!️

I am just so far along in the game, level 76 and 42,000,000 coins, that I hate to lose it all, delete it and go on to something else.

Can you help me?
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