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I’m upset, frustrated and very stressed out

Help - I leveled up during timed quest and lost the drink machine offered to me for going up to Level 26

I am so sorry to bother the support forum again but I have yet another problem.
It must seem like I am a constant complainer but I really am not. I am just an old lady (71 years old), who enjoys playing the games Bakery Town and Restaurant Town very much but has problems doing so.

I am sure you can imagine the confusion there is when you first start a timed quest with making up a schedule and getting things started. Well, a few minutes after I started baking I leveled up to Level 26. At this point I was startled because I had forgotten I was so close to leveling up, and the picture of the drink machine I was offered as my appliance for that level disappeared. Something happened and the window closed. I did not have time to tap on the picture and pay for it and claim it.
I went back to the appliance window to do so and it was locked and stated it would be closed until the next level (I can't remember which one it stated) when the next appliance would be offered unless you paid 49 gems to unlock the appliance slot. I do not have the gems, nor can I afford to buy them. I also do not feel I should have to buy the gems in order to get the appliance I have coming.

I have enclosed a screen shot showing you my current appliances. Please note that the box sitting next to one of my ovens contains the Spring Drink Machine I was offered and which I paid for. I am currently trying to build the appliance.

I hope I have explained myself clearly. I
would so much appreciate your prompt reply as to how I can get my drink machine back. Thank you again for your continued support. I am going to try very hard to finish the timed quest I am on but do not know if I will suceed with the added stress of this, again, another problem. I will try very hard not to cause any more problems for you in the near or distant future.

Sincerely yours,

Jennie Sherban
Nanobit ID is Tammymae
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  • Hello Jennie,

    I'm afraid I do not quite understand what the problem is here. Leveling up does not reward you with any appliances. The screen that appears after reaching a new level simply shows which items have been unlocked (not awarded) and are now available for purchase. In case you already reached your appliance limit you won't be able to purchase the unlocked appliance until you've put one of your existing appliances in storage or bought an extra appliance slot.

    I hope this answers your question.
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