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I’m very angry!

How many slots did you get for fridge/pantry update?

I was at level 25 during update & received 200 fridge slots & 350 pantry slots. After talking with others I realized we did not all get the same amount. One player received 600 fridge & 500 pantry at level 33. Another...175 each at level 24. This is by far the most awful thing I have ever known a game to do & so unfair to many of us! They claim to have went by how much ingredients you had already, but ALL of us will level up & NEED this space just like anyone else. I have only received a few upgrade items so far & it cost a fortune if you use we have to store these items in our fridge/pantry. And then you only upgrade your slot count by 25! This is the most unfair thing I have EVER seen in ANY game!!! Please post what level you were at during update & how many slots you got. Thanks!
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