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How to add by redeem code

Hi. my nanobit id is bmimw773 and i dont know how can i find friends. Also i dont know how to add others redeem code. Redeem part only has "my code" there is no option as adding others.
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  • Hi there. You can add friends through clicking on the friends tab and adding your friends Nanobit ID. I found most of my friends using Fashion Cup during voting, as persons entering the cup will have their Nanobit IDs displayed under their avatar. Just make a note of the ones you think you would like to have as friends and invite them through the friends tab.

    Also once you have a few friends you can attend their Premieres and you will get the option to add the friends of your friends during the premiere.

    You can only add others' Redeem code during the 1st 24hrs of playing the game, and only one person anyway. It's a very stupid system if you ask me, and a challenge I still haven't been able to complete.

    I will try adding you as a friend myself to get you started. Good luck.
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