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I’m excited

I have a hollywood story to tell about how greed took over America

I have a story to tell about a guy who was interested in everything. When I was born the doctor slapped me on the ass. "I asked why". You see I am not your average man, When I walk into a room I know who is the smartest man in the room. I'm a struggling genius. Very Quiet yet somehow interesting. I observe everything unlike normal people whom go through life in a sorta hum drum way. Some people live to exist and others live to survive. I am constantly exploring new options and interested in everything that goes on in this world. I study it all. "Yet I somehow see" People are oblivious to the whole picture. Life sucks it throws us some struggles. In The end we are all one big family. Descendants of Adam and Eve and eve yet we still kill each other based on ignorance. I think it is time for a United World. One big country under god whom cares about his big family. Helps those in need and feeds the poor. Maybe a little empathy and a little less greed. hallelujah
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