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I’m sad

I paid for 250 gems

I paid for 250 gems last and didn't any and my account was debited.
Naobit why is it a lot players are complaining about paying for gems and not receiving why they paid for, people use real money to promote your business, so help them enjoy playing the game.
I'm getting frustrated about the report of gems not being delivered to buyers
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  • Hey Martha!
    First of all, please accept our apologies and thank you for your feedback.

    We understand that not receiving what you paid for with your own money, is frustrating, to say the least. It is never in our intention to do so, considering that we are more than grateful for every purchase our players make.
    That being said, when it does happen, our Customer Support team is always happy to assist.
    Could you please contact them at Also, keep in mind that your message should contain your Nanobit ID, a short description of your issue and the title of the game that happened in.

    Thank you again for understanding and have a great day!
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