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I sure hope someone can help me restore my cards I purchased

I have been playing your game fashion studio and I love it I recently he game bugged and I lost everything I hit restore purchases and I’m not upset at the fact that I half start over I’m not upset bout the almost 200 thousand dollars I lost considering I was level 24 I however am upset it’s not restoring all my card purchases I just purchased $9.99 tonight plus I purchased the first one the game advertised in the beginning of the game I think was 4.99 for cards and money and I don’t know what else was in that one but I have spent upwards of $65 to $75 I’d say on this game I would love my stuff restored I have my receipts from apple in my emails I’m sure I’d just like what all I payed for back I know I got credit 9 purchases I’m sure that’s not all considering on top the 9.99 cards I bought 4 other packages with clothes tonight alone please help me
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