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I’m F frustrated and angry!

I lost all the close when I designers to second floor!

I'm so angry! Me and my daughter made second floor,and before that we used so many gems and coins for close,shoes and jewelry ! But when we designers and put the rags and table and even the machines to the second floor, we lost everything on the table and rags and on the machines! I think we lost for 35.000 coins and about 30 gems (for instant sewing) and we made clothes in the night too. And we f lost it all,and I had to buy new gems for instant sew! Again I have a crying daughter,and now it's getting frustrating! Yesterday we didn't get coins(gift) and this today! Everyday a new issue! Why did we loose all the close,shoes and jewelry ??? Why doesn't it warn us before we put the stuff on second floor? You can design first floor and the closing is still on the rags,so how should we know that would happen? Please tell me why this happens! And where you can see it will happen! It's many hours of gaming ans lot of gems and coins(real money for me)!
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