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Increasing skills from 21 to a higher number

One of the suggestions from our wonderful mentor Selma was to increase our skills to 41. My skills were at 21 and I wasn't sure what she meant. Instead of asking her I decided to experiment and I went back to the drama room and started to increase my charisma I believe it was which was at level 10. I kept working at it and finished it and my skills increased 21.5 so I know that I can keep increasing these skills which I believe will result in higher ticket sales. Marina, this is yet another reason why there is a need for a FAQ or some other walk-through other than having us experiment do you find these methods which cost us valuable energy. If there are any other ways to increase fans or get higher ticket sales etc. please share them with us as I will do so as I find them. With all of these we can enjoy the game even more then we already are enjoying it.
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