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I’m Disappointed in greediness of some players!!


Let's discuss etiquette (politeness, manners, proper form, etc.) when requesting invitations! If you want an invitation from someone then when you request one from them you should extend an invitation to them! I will gladly and do give send invitations to friends who reciprocate. To ask and ask repeatedly after you HAVE been given an invitation but you did not give one in return is rude! You know who you are!! I would like to thank the following POLITE friends in no special order: Kitkatgal, lilneess, shuger, BowDownToWashington, Mune, glezel, Maggiene,lilness1979, and a few others! You are very polite unlike a few rude greedy players! I usually extend, like, help, and request! If I am asked but have not been extended I will ask for one if I do not get one you do not get one. I will not waste these on people who are selfish and out for themselves! The invitations that have only one go to my child! She sends hers to me! I do not mind giving invites to anyone who extends them to me! Thank you! Politeness goes a long way in the invitation game!
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