Lost Power Stove I purchased in a packet for $19.99

Purchased a packet: 145 gems, 70,000 coins, & a power stove. stove was in my storage & was unwed yet. Gone! also purchaeed a Mystery Box and had Queen B set on my 1st floor stage in my bakery. Gone! also some tables & chair missing. Had 80,000 coins toatal. I did not use many. when game blipped out & put me back, it displayed around 12,267 coins. I lost 59,733 coins. Very disappointed! 2nd time this has happened. I have found Items in my game moved & shifted out of place several times also as I have been playing the game. Please fix & credit me please. I just paid for this packet. Thank you.- SassyDjg02. email: regarf@icloud.com
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