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Lost Christmas Chest

When I purchased diamonds I received a special offer (Christmas Chest). I opened the chest and placed a Christmas stand in my store. The next day the stand disappeared and the chest was relocated in my storage. I placed the chest in my store and opened it again. I received a different gift (nutcracker stand) and the chest disappeared. I only received one gift and I sure they should have been multiplied gifts.
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  • Hi Helenke!

    It seems that the game crashed, and your progress from the opening a Christmas Chest to the placing Christmas stand in the store wasn't saved.

    So, when you opened a game next time, a Christmas Chest was there like you never opened it, and you don't have Christmas Stand as a gift, instead of that you received a new gift (nutcracker stand).

    You should receive only one gift.

    We are sorry that this issue happened.
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