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I’m frustrated

Marina,my game is still crashed

Marina,please help me get my game fixed,I'm tired of posting my problem so many times,and knowing that for hours you haven't replied to ANY of them,going to this website was pointless,this company is a disaster and doesn't care about wether or not their clients will have their game back,I'm very disappointed that you haven't told me what to do in order to get fashion studio back with my data,please fix it,I've been very frustrated and sad about this issue,I'm definitely NOT getting satisfaction with your ignorance :/ I was thinking about buying packs but if it crashes what's the point?i won't be able to use them,if anyone else reads this i don't recommend getting nanobit games or buying content,it's not worth your money because not only does their game crash all the time but if you have that problem they don't provide solutions just ignorance...
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