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My game restarted all over when i switched my phone ID get all my progress back help please.

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  • October 23, 2016 02:58
    Change in reply by kaiah to Sadly same thing happen to me. The sad part is that after speaking to apple for assistance they sent me to the app makers who have not replied to my concerns. after I have spent well over 70.00 dollars on this game with apple iTunes account. Which I sent the developers screen caps of my purchases. Which have gone ignored. For my understanding and for what I was told game developers are responsible for keep that info. I was also adviced that the game developers do this on purpose to keep customers spending money on their game. I haven't been able to get my game back. I Was at a high level and was already at the stage where she finds out who her mom is. I have no choice but to take this back to my card company. Apple <br /> Suggested I speak to my card company about a complaint with a few other options that will take this to a higher level. As of right now I'm still waiting on someone to get back to me with help. They leaving me no choice. I suggest u do the same if u spent money on this game. Best wishes I know how addictive this game is once u get into a high level..

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