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I’m so ANGRY


so I update superstar life hoping you have finally fixed all your glitches and bugs. What do I find but a game that is now worse not better. First of all you still let people win that shouldn't I have over 300 pics to prove it. Then I still have duplicate friends in my friends list one of my friends has 48 accounts then you continue to let one player with two or more games going with the same id take up multiple spots on the top 100 lists. I also still have greeted out level one friends I can't delete. The worst thing you did to me of all was allow someone I deleted from my friends list two weeks ago because she never changed out of the black 9 pt pant suit and 7 pt yellow carnival shoes to come to my red carpet party and WIN you have got to be kidding. I cannot believe I updated and all this is still happening. When I delete someone over two weeks ago and the show up and win that is not ok. I want answers you have my money now make it right!!!
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