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I’m frustrated

No carryout orders all day

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  • Hi Michelle,

    If you have thrown away any Takeout orders then you'll have to wait 6 hours to get a new one.
    If there was any Bonus Order present in your Takeout order list, no matter what you do with it, you'll have to wait 2 hours to get a new order.
    Finishing one of the white orders will turn red order into a white order if the red order hasn't expired in the mean time.

    Please check your Takout Order menu.
    If there's a red order present, you'll either have to accept it or discard it to get a new order.
    Accepting it means more slots for new orders and less waiting for new orders (2 hrs). Discarding the red order means 6hr delay for the new order.
    No new orders will come if you have a red order present in your Takeout Order menu.

    Kind regards
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