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I’m saddened & frustrated by latest update.

No Gifts Given on Floor

I have installed the latest update & restarted my IOS device more than once since the update. Instead of receiving too many gifts I'm not getting any unless a friend sends them to me. It has been nearly 1 week that not 1 single gift has dropped on my floor. I'm currently trying to build items that I've already bought & have sitting in my restaurant but can only get a small number of gifts per day from my friends. Everyday I add more friends in hopes of getting more gifts but that would take forever. Not to mention that most people that play this game like to be able to get gifts back in exchange for the gifts they give but I can't return the favor because I'm not getting any gifts in my restaurant. Please help with this issue as it is sucking all of the fun out of playing a game I've grown to like. Thanks.(NanobitID-TheHoss)
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