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I’m frustrated, but not surprised

No Response on Caramel Shortbread Issue

I was going to say lack of timely response, but it's lack of any response.

A lot of players are having the same problem with the caramel shortbread on a timed challenge. It's been at least 24 since the first time it was reported, many people have added that they have the same issue, or started new threads. There has still been no response from staff, not even to reply that they are aware of the problem, and are dealing with it, and will address a fair solute for all the players affected by this problem

I hate this game, but my kid loves it, and she's frustrated by the game stealing her gems and the cookie tasting game screwing her over, and now this.

This is POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Wish they addressed our issues as fast as their game steals our gems.
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  • Drago (Official Rep) May 26, 2014 13:00
    Hi Charm,

    We don't work during weekends and we've responded to this issue as soon as we've figured out how to fix it.

    We are really sorry you have experienced this issue caused by our latest update. Thank you all for letting us know about this problem! We have released a web update which all of you will collect through some short time - just play like you usually play and check your connection.
    Please let us know if we have fixed this issue or if you experience this issue again even after 24hrs time since this notice.
    Thank you!
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