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I’m Upset

Not all of my in-app purchases were restored

I redownloaded Fashion Studio. It logged me into my Nanobit ID because it recognized that I have previously played within the Apple ID. My Nanobit ID is Silver1345. I had to start my game from square 1, as level 1 with the basic things given to new players. I attempted to restore in-app purchases after seeing that there had been an option for that. It only returned two of my maybe four or five previous purchases. I recognized which packs I was not returned such as the Pure Glamour and the Sparkle & Shine packs. Along with that, I was in the Gold club, which I obviously am not in anymore seeing as the game caused me to start at level 1. I have tried to contact support through email but have since not received any reply. I would like to know if there is any solution to this problem. Thank you.
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