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Not getting earned gems anymore

Today, I'm viewing videos and I receive no gem. I actually received 1gem in all the videos I viewed.

Most other days since I started playing I have been losing gems after earning them due to game crashes. Once back from a crash, It'd say in log that I had received gems but gems were still missing. Crashes usually happens in my case after getting a black screen when trying to view a video to earn gems. I understand that a black screen, I think, means that there is no video available however, this does not explain the crash and already earned gems loss.
I did not report the issue before, because I was pretty sure it was already known and being worked on to solve the bug but also because I was able to earned more gems...

But today I must have viewed about 10 videos where it says I should have earned gem but it never even showed up not even in log except for one.
I have closed the game and went back in a while later but the gems are still missing.

I really enjoy Fashion Design but grrrr lol please help :)

My ID is KayB9209, thank you.
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