Period Diary Data Gone- AGAIN

So, a few weeks ago this website exploded when the Period Diary update erased everyone's info- including mine. After a day or two, the new update was released, data was restored, and everything went back to normal. Well this morning I went to record something in app and, surprise, everything is gone AGAIN! Well, I frantically went to see if there was an update waiting me, and there was. So I installed the new update, expecting the same results as before. Now, here's the funny part. My period log is full. It has my periods. But on the Calender, all of my notes, moods, symptoms, and most importantly, MY INTIMACY DAYS, are gone. All of this info is very important to me, as I have been tracking it for years.

Please, please, help me fix this. I'm willing to send the tech people my info so they can try and fix my app. I haven't deleted and re-downloaded, and I don't plan to, so nothing will be lost. Please do what you can.
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