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I’m Frustrated!!!

Perpetratin on someone else's pad.

I downloaded and played FDW on my boss's iPad. She bought me one and I gave her hers back. When I downloaded game I was under my iTunes acct but it downloaded to her iPad. Well she deleted game and I downloaded it onto my iPad under my account. Got a brand new game. I realized that I wasn't logged into my game center when I did it. I was on level 27 and spent like $15 dollars on gems had 3 floors and played my ass off for all the extras. Somehow she is my friend in the game I visited her shop and it is my boutique(she doesn't or hasn't ever played the game). How can I get my game on my iPad? This will be the third time I have had to start all over. I almost don't want to all the hours I put in it to get where I was. Someone please help me!
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