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Please help brought new tablet lost all my progress

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    I just bought a new tablet unexpectedly 2 days ago and i got my game back as it was. You have to start your new iPad as an "iCloud backup ". Don't start it as a "new tablet" or from" iTunes backup", just identify it as an iCloud backup . You probably know that every iPad backs up everything on your iPad every day and you get all your progress on your new iPad from your latest backup on your previous iPad . You can always call Apple if you have any questions about this . If you have set up your new iPad already, you can always clear everything ( which i think is under "reset " then " erase all content and settings") in settings under general. Then, start all over again as an iCloud backup. Again, call apple if you need to. Once chef town downloads on your new iPad it'll ask you if you want to load the original game or if you want to start a new game.that will be your previous game and you should get all your progress back. Hope this helps!
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