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I’m not happy with the non help from this game company.

Problems after problems!

It appears that this game has a lot of problems. Loss of diamonds, missing equipments, quest cannot be completed, because of diamonds exceeds what a gamer has. The sales ad inferring with game, which leads to closing the game and waiting for a time period to restart game. Where are the instructions on how to use gift sent or received? How do you know that your storage is too full and how do you emptied said storage?? When trying to help another player, it takes awhile before gift get sent through. Also is there a way to let you know who you've helped or sent a gift too, without going through the whole inbox. It's time consuming trying to send gift when trying to complete quests in between!
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  • Hello Anita,

    Regarding the missing gems and equipment: please contact us at and we'll provide you with further assistance via e-mail.

    Regarding the quests that require gems: these are purely optional, you can simply wait it out and you'll receive a new timed quest.

    Regarding the ads: you can disable ads by purchasing any amount of gems.

    Regarding gifts: there's a tutorial which explains how to view your gift storage which starts as soon as you collect your first gift. At the moment the only way to know which players you helped is by checking your inbox or opening the gift menu next to a player's name. If the send button is greyed out, it means that you have already sent a gift today.
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