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I’m Quite irritated about this!

Problems with appliance purchases and purchases which need to be built.

I have purchased extra appliances and when I went to move it into place it disappeared. I've looked on both floors, behind other decorations tables counters and even checked my storage and my appliance is gone! This happened twice! Also I purchased a few things that must be built. When I go back to purchase another, the item is no longer there to be purchased. One final issue. I was shopping and went to purchase a table. As I was clicking the item I sneezed and ended up purchasing the table that was next to the one I wanted (which of course was 35000 coins) and it's ugly! I never even wanted that table! So now I am out 35000 coins and do not have the item I did want! An easy fix to that problem would be a confirm tap.
The thing that burns me the most though is being out 78 diamonds for the 2 appliances that were "lost". Diamonds are not cheap and to lose 2 appliances and the price of them hurts my pocket!
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