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I’m angry

Purchased a yearly subscription for MyStory App which is no longer reflecting on my account.

Last week I purchased a yearly subscription through the apple app store for your game My Story. I had a weekly subscription to try it out, and when I went to cancel before the subscription was renewed, there was an option to purchase a year subscription for $39.99, which seemed like a good price, as I've enjoyed playing. Unfortunately, when my week subscription ran out, the yearly subscription no longer worked either, even though it's still reflected in my subscriptions in the app store and I was charged, trying to "Restore Subscription" doesn't work in the app. I've reached out through the app, through the email, and through your MyStory Facebook page -- all with no response. It's very disappointing as I'm now out the money that I paid for the subscription, can't play the game like I want to (have to wait for the tickets to regenerate every hour), and I can't get anyone to contact me regarding this problem. There isn't even an option on this site to choose the MyStory App, so I'm posting under Hollywood Story in an effort to reach anyone at your company who can assist me.
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