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I wrote before about my food truck team. The CEO has not played for months now. We have other people who have joined and don't play and we have no control. It's not fair anymore. Those of us on the team are trying so hard to keep our place. Team is Cook Play Enjoy. Please make me CEO my team name is Lakeview cafe. She isn't playing so she can't appoint me. Thank you. Crystal Mehl
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  • Hey Crystal.
    Thank you for messaging us here.
    We understand how frustrating your situation is, however, that is something we unfortunately, can't do. The only two ways of becoming a CEO are either by leaving your current chain and creating your own one, or having the CEO of your current Chain appoint you as a new CEO (even though the current CEO isn't active anymore).
    We are sorry once again for your troubles and we hope you can understand.
    Have a great day!
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