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I’m disappointed, angry, frustrated & annoyed that a game that's supposed to be relaxing & enjoyable is causing me stress. I'll stop playing it once & for all soon if these problems persist.

Recover Game Data History

Hi Staff,
I've already contacted you a number of times regarding being unable to open the Restaurant Town app running on iPhone 5s version 6.1.3 after your last game update dated 03/06/14. The game would just repeatedly crash during the load screen. Your staff never provided any answers or resolutions leaving me no choice but to uninstall the game & reset after installing the newest version.

Based on the experience of others posting on this Forum I wasn't surprised, yet still frustrated when the game started me out at the bare bones beginning level 1 & wiped out all of my coins, gems & progress I'd made to level 24. However, my friends & neighbors were saved & recovered along with my NanobitID-TheHoss. As I was moving a counter around the now shabby shell of a restaurant I've been forced to start back out with I noticed that the Build Item dialogue box popped up for the Plush Toys item I'd previously purchased in my original game & was in the process of building. The dialogue box showed that I already had Completed enough Pans in my gift inventory (saved from original game on my device) so I went ahead & asked neighbors to gift me Rolling Pins & Measuring Jugs needed. I have provided screenshots below of these actions. Please note that I was able to successfully complete the above actions even though the Plush Toys item is locked at my current level 6 & isn't unlocked until level 9. Once I closed out the dialogue box there was no Plush Toys object available in my current game.

Seeing that there was obviously a "ghost" data from my previous game for the Plush Toys item I was building, how can your team go about helping me recover the rest of my original game data & progress? I didn't do an iTunes backup of my original game prior to uninstalling & reinstalling the updated version but there was still evidently some data remaining even after resetting my phone. Please assist with this as I was left without help or resolution by your Team on my previous posts prior to taking the dire step of reinstalling the game. Thanks. (NanobitID-TheHoss)
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