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regarding code

How do I put in some ones code to get the stuff
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  • Hi Christine

    Referral codes are entered by new players in the first 24 hours of playing and ONLY in the first 24 hours of playing. Here's an example of how referral codes work:
    1. You send your referral code to a friend who has never played the game before.
    2. Once your friend installs the game and completes the tutorial, they will be asked to input a referral code. This is where they will enter YOUR referral code.
    3. You will be rewarded with a Redeem Point for each player who has entered your code upon completing the tutorial.
    4. Once you have collected enough Redeem Points, you can exchange them for a reward at the Redeem Screen.
    Please keep in mind that only one code can be entered by a new player.

    Kind regards
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