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I’m Extremely Frustrated!!


I just recently picked Halloween Design World back up, & was seriously going to pick up others within the hour, until I got the latest "update"...

There were some cute red shoes that took about one minute to make & sold for almost 5,000 coins. I figured wow, okay, seems decent. They take awhile to sell but you take in approximately 20 gold per pair, so why not? I made plenty of other items for my shop as well, including other shoes & the like.

Today, they updated the game so that every cute red shoe -- which is an accessory & sits on a counter-- turned in to a ROSE DRESS! I figured maybe the devs decided that was too much of a profit & maybe people were abusing it, no big. The rose dress was cute. But as I watched, I noticed my customers kept getting broken hearts when they looked at the dress. So I isolated the dresses, blocking off access to all my other items. EVERY CUSTOMER who walked up to the rose dress left with broken hearts. Not a single one was able to purchase it off of my counter!!!

Look, really, I get that some people may have been using this as a quick way to gain money, but for those of us who had NO CLUE that it wasn't a LEGITIMATE part of the game & were making other items & playing fairly as far as they were aware are being punished!! I cannot sell off the dresses on the counter, so I have a huge waste of gold, space, & personal time lost. What. The. Heck!

That's not really fair nor is it very cool for those who had no idea that it apparently was a mistake on the developers end. If it's YOUR mistake, we shouldn't have to pay for it!! I'm really tempted to delete this game, along with every other nanobitsoftware game & never, ever return.

You could have at LEAST made them in to a shoe so it'd sell off the counters! What am I going to do with a dress on a counter that customers won't buy?!
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