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Screen Size to View Restaurant Floor

Just a suggestion for future updates. This is not terribly important, that is, you would have other items on your list which would probably supersede this one, however, it's just a small thing which does irk me. When I am in my restaurant, I pinch my screen so that I view my restaurant in the smallest size possible which allows me to look at the whole floor without having to move the screen up, down, side to side too much.

When visiting friends restaurants, I can only pinch my screen minimally so I have no choice but to view their restaurant magnified. It is a little off putting and makes it harder to get a better view of the efforts they've made to decorate their restaurant floor. I'm not sure why we're able to minimise our own restaurant view but not that of our friends.

I'm not sure whether this is something that can be easily tweeked. I use an iPad for this game so I don't know how it works with other devices.

Thanks for your consideration and support.
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