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Small gift and place it in my boutique?

I need to get a small gift and I have no idea how to. I cant request my friends for a small gift, only invitations.

Please help! This task has been bugging me for a while now.
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    You buy it for I think 8 diamonds from the "Design" button on the bottom right of the screen were you can buy furniture, tables, decor, etc. The tab has a picture of a gift on it and the small gift is the first item in that section. I included a pic for you to see what I mean. If you don't want to spend real money on diamonds you can gain them buy watching videos (Each vid earns one diamond) or you can check the offer wall (simply click on the little plus sign beside your diamond thingy and it will have the options to "Watch Videos" or "Offer Wall" at the bottom if the popup under the prices...You can get the most diamonds by installing apps that pay you in diamonds and running the app for a second. I simply delete the app after collecting the diamonds:) anywho, hope this helps!! My username is babygurljrl so add me as a friend in Fashion Design World
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