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Something hokey with my profile

So, I started this game up about 3 days ago. For the most part it's great. But I noticed on the first day that I could only visit about 1/3 of the people I tried. I kept getting an error. I didn't really care about it, so I kept playing.

Then, I friended my buddy who introduced me to the game, XoAoX. But two profiles show for him in the social window.... One is lvl 50, the other is 51. I try to visit him and get the same error I described before. Here is an image.

The next issue is that a kiwi tree was exhausted earlier today. However it won't give me the option to scrap it and continues to take one of my two kiwi tree slots.

Finally, I had about 400 diamonds disappear on me.

Please fix these issues. Ty for your help.
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  • Hey Damon!
    We are happy to hear you mostly like the game! :)

    Please keep in mind that you can only visit players who play the same version of the game as you do. With that being said, we have recently updated the game, so the latest version on IOS (Apple) devices is 9.1, while the latest one for Android is still 8.8. That is most likely the reason you can't visit everyone from your friends list.

    Regarding your other 2 issues, could you please contact our Customer Support at
    When you do, please attach a short description of your issue and your Nanobit ID from the game so the team can help you as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance!
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