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Still experiencing multiple issues involving premieres!

I have now been to numerous premieres, too many to count. And I have received many gifts from them, but when I go back to my home and look to see how many premiere gifts have accumulated, the gifts are not there :( I still cannot see my avatar at almost every premiere I attend, though I have actually seen my avatar at like maybe two of them for some reason-perhaps these were my own premieres? But I almost never see her other than the two or so times, even when it is my own premiere, so not sure on that. Most of the time she is not there at all. Also, I notice that when I attend a premiere I was invited to by another player, that person's avatar is not ever in attendance either. I can only see the avatars of other players they have invited at their premiere. I am not able to interact with Sophie, the reporter, not able to give an interview, etc. This need some major fixing!!
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