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I’m bored.

This game is getting so BORING!

I have been playing Hollywood Story for a long time now and am ranked close to 200 overall.
And I'm so BORED! Here are some ideas.

Why is it that Italian store posts the sign "New Arrivals" but all the clothes are the same ones that have been there since the beginning?
--If I don't buy something after trying it on, put it on sale.
--If I don't buy it on sale, get rid of it.
--If I never try it on, then get rid of it after a few days.
More clothes. More variety. More often. This goes for all the stores.

Why are the movies constantly the same ones?
Load some new movie stories when you have updates.

Some tasks are completely impossible.
--I haven't gotten higher than a "Nice Look" for months! Why? I can wear a completely new outfit--and an expensive one--and it makes no difference.
--I haven't met any new contacts in months even after renting that stupid Las Vegas suite forever. What's going on?

I'm so tired of having to find objects! I can have several hundred teddy bears, for example, and the auditions always make me look for diamond rings or cameras, so I spend most of my time spinning that stupid slot machine trying to get energy to click on more objects. Give us a break every now and then and let us pass an audition with stuff we already have. It seems the whole purpose of this game is to spin that stupid slot machine!

These side stories are getting so stupid that it's annoying. This whole double thing with Sir Prize has been going on for far too long, and if the Halloween story is any clue, the Sir Prize story will have an equally stupid ending. If you're going to have side stories, at least put some thought into them.

The goal of whole television thing is completely unclear. And it looks like there are only a couple of dozen us playing it! Is it just about trying to get the highest ranking television show at the end of the week, or is this helping our overall ranking somehow? Because right now it seems like a completely separate game that amounts to nothing.

And finally, how about getting rid of all the hackers? There is NO WAY anyone has more than 20 million fans without having hacked the game! The same is true when someone gets more than about 10,000 viewers on the weekly television show. We're all being robbed.
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