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I LOVE playing Hollywood Story! It's the best game ever! But there is one problem... There is this quest which Bella told me to buy a Hollywood mansion. AND IT COST 950,000!! Can I suggest that you reduce the price to like, 95,000? And also, the most pretty dresses cost over a HUNDRED DIAMONDS! Can u either reduce the price or change the currency to money?
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  • Hi Gan,
    for now the price is set that high because the mansion is a rather big estate and it is not meant to be easy to get.
    We understand that it might be to high for some players and your suggestion has been passed on to our hollywood team, they will keep it in mind for the next update but don't get your hopes up as reducing the price would be unfair to the players that already have the mansion and have paid for it 950000$.
    There are many dresses that cost less diamonds or are paid for in cash that are equally pretty, we are sorry sou feel that way.
    Kind regards.
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