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I've been trying to purchase one of the packages but it won't allow me to and keeps giving me an error please tell me this isn't just me, if anyone at nanobit can please fix this that would be great. I'd like to know I can actually still purchase more in app things.
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  • Jure (Official Rep) October 28, 2013 09:01
    Hello Marilyn,

    Please tell me which message do you get when you try to complete in-app purchase and which package you want to get? Are you able to get other in app in the game without problems?
    To successfully get the premium content from our game you should be connected to the network and your signed in the App Store.
    To sign in the App Store, please go to the Settings app on your iDevice and under the "iTunes & App Store" you'll be able to connect your account to the App Store.
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