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I’m frustrated, annoyed and angry

Very frustrated disappointed

I just started playing this game less than a week ago. My 6 yr old grandson wanted to play a cooking game, we looked at, downloaded (I have very limited internet, as I live in small town) several before choosing this one. He didn't have neighbors so I downloaded to play with him. In less than a week this game cost me over 10,000 coin. I would go in, cook up 300-900 servings on 14 tables, go visit neighbor, come back to discover that in less than 2 mins ALL of my food GONE. Not to mention visiting neighbors caused game to shut down, again ALL food gone. Every time this happened I would cook more food then gone, if my tablet goes into sleep mode ALL food gone !!!! Games are supposed to be fun, enjoyable not stressful, frustrating and annoying. If my grandson didn't enjoy it, and I have come to enjoy it, I would delete. I thought the point of neighbors was in part to get food you needed ?? If that's true, then why when you visit ''Katy'', game neighbor, why does she not have 1 of every ingredient ?? Also, first 2 days could visit 10 neighbors, next day only 5 and now today only 3 ?? Please fix bugs on game crashing when going to neighbors, would be nice to get my coin compensated back and all other glitches mentioned. This message better be going to support because I will be very, very unhappy if I have to re-type it all out again. I have been to fb page and you have told ppl after complaints to go to support via game, so this is what I have done. I really hope to get a quick response back, coin reimbursement and answers. Thank you, awaiting your reply....
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  • Hi,

    On which device are you playing?
    The food will sell even if you are not in your restaurant.
    If the food is gone then you should have increase in coins.

    For each tap in your friends restaurant, you'll be rewarded with some coins and experience stars. Only the ingredients that fall to the ground once you tap some plant or stand in your friends restaurant will count to your ingredient Stash.

    Please explain a little better the problem with visiting friends.
    What happens when you try to visit more of them?

    Kind regards
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