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I’m incredibly frustrated

Waiting for an Audition is ridiculous

Honestly, I’m not that far into the game. I used to be but got a new phone and had to start over. The wait time is utterly ridiculous. 24 hours for an audition? What do you expect me to do in the span of 24 hours on the game?

You guys have been milking the game crazily already; the line between unfair and fair has been crossed a thousand times. People are already on top and have nothing to do in the game. Can you guys make it so that energy, cash, and diamonds are easier to get? And make it so that energy fills up faster and auditions times are shorter?

With the hundreds~thousands you guys got from this game, you could be more generous towards the community. People are already saying this game is dead. The new features you guys keep adding won’t change the traffick for this game. You should work on fixing or changing the features fans keep complaining about.

All in all, it’s so incredibly frustrating.
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