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what strategy do I have to follow to the Global Event Goal to pick up more points in the game Chef Town?

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  • The number of points listed in the right hand column equates to the number of products served from an appliance or ingredients produced. If the score is 79, the player has served / made a product 79 times. If the task requires an ingredient to be produced e.g. From mixer that makes crepe batter, cake batter and dough, it would be beneficial to purchase another slot using gems so you can have 2 or more products lined up to be made without you having to check back every 15 minutes. If the task requires you to use one of the appliances to make eg soup, make the soup that requires the least amount of time first as many times as necessary so you can achieve the personal goals as quickly as possible. To improve the overall point score you just need to persevere and play as often as possible. If you cannot play for a number of hours, produce an item from that appliance that takes several hours to make and you will still add towards the goal. Keep up the ingredient supply in advance where possible. It doesn't matter how many points you have, if you don't reach the goal by the end of the tournament you don't win the gems assigned to you, even if the player is in the top ten. I've noticed that a few times.
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    • Hello,

      What I would like to know is "How to reach the community goal"? How do you count the point? If I know how so I can try to do it correctly. Please help clarify
    • Hi I’m sorry you didn’t get the clarification you needed. The community goal is all the Chef Town players; so unfortunately if only what equates to a handful of players do the event it may not reach the goal giving you award. This is why there is the personal goal so your work is awarded. What you can do to help is keep going past your personal goal and trying to get other players to also do the event. We have a Facebook group that is not associated Nanobit. We try to support and encourage players to meet this community goal. I can tell you it seems that with many weeks of bad personal rewards and community goal failing more players did seem to stop playing.
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