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While playing game I am constantly diverted to App store

The moment I open the game, in seconds the App Store page gets open to install some game or App.what to do. I. Am not able to play my game.
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    Hi Rashi,
    Seeing that this happening doesn't seem to be a problematic issue for the developers, due to the fact it generates revenue, I'll share a tip with you that may prevent your screen/game from being hijacked by pop up ads. I'm only guessing you're using an IOS device. If that's the case you can disable the "Installing Apps" option in your Settings under Restrictions so that even if you click on the advertisement it will not divert you to the App Store. Use the following steps:
    1)Go to Settings.
    2)Click "General"
    3)Select Restrictions option "On" & enter pass code if you've set up one.
    4)Beneath "Allow:" scroll down to find option for "Installing Apps" & switch toggle to "Off".
    5)Close Settings.
    6)Open game & play as usual. Simply "x" out of pop up ads.

    You will have to remember to go back into Settings & following the same steps switch the "Installing Apps" toggle to "On" to allow App downloads again once you're out of the game.
    I hope this information helps you.
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