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I’m frustrated

I don't need precise navigation all the time!

When we are touring about in the camper van it is good to just be able to put in a general destination like the town we are heading for. If I do this I am then asked for a street. I never know the street and then cannot get the quick info we need. Why not? Just to put in a town and be guided in that genera direction would be great.
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  • c.Navmii (Support Representative) March 20, 2012 12:45
    This is a good point - often a precise destination is unknown or unnecessary
    The way our onboard routines work they are designed to find a particular road within a town as this is the only way the application has of plotting a route.
    Earlier versions of Navmii used to support a town centre feature that could be used as a default but this relies on such information being present in the map data - In current versions this data is not present, OpenStreetMap does not contain such data

    The Google search feature however - Google knows where towns are and has information about where to find the town centre.
    If you use the Google search to simply search for a town by name then the result it will return will invariably be around the town centre.
    You can also (once a gross location has been found on the map) scroll around the map to find a suitable looking destination and route to there
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