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I’m slightly dissapointed

Assigning items to a certain group.

Hi. I created a group and the original items that I had up appeared in the group. Can I specify sharing an item only to my group or to everyone? I created a group for musicians, I wouldn't want to put my Dutch Oven on it. However, I wouldn't mind if everyone sees that I have a P.A. up for borrowing. Thanks!
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    This is an interesting idea that we'll certainly think more about. For now, the groups are meant to connect people. While your musicians will mostly be interested in borrowing your PA system, they might also be interested in using your dutch oven! Groups are a great way to feel more connected with folks over common location, interest, etc. By showing your complete inventory with the folks in the group, you create lots more chances to share all sorts of stuff!
    • I definitely second frozenroadrunner's request. Whether it's books, CDs, movies, or tools, there are simply a number of things that I'm willing to share w/ one group (whether identified as a "group" on NG or as an ad-hoc set of individuals) but not with another. Until that's possible on NG, those items probably won't be listed here--possibly simply not shared, or possibly listed in a more book-centric (and much less pretty) exchange that I hope to develop ere long unless you beat me to it. Suggestion: For a given item, allow the following specifications (not mutually exclusive):
      * Share with these groups
      * Don't share with these groups
      * Share with these individuals regardless of groups
      * Don't share with these individuals regardless of groups

      It would also be helpful in this case to let the individual define groups that, rather than being public communities, are ad-hoc "sets of individuals" shown only to the individual user for purposes of defining sharing.
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  • Maybe its' not a black and white question... perhaps groups have two views later... and you could specifically "share with a group" certain items. One of those views is the sum of the people and their inventories, the other is the collection of things featured or shared for that group in particular due to the topic?

    Groups might also draw attention to items being shared by others outside their group... a "noticed by the group" type concept? For drawing in relevance despite low-inventories?

    Maybe it's the same as the first concept, except that you can share anything on the site with the group, rather than just from your own?
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