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I’m frustrated

Activation Impossible

I purchased an on line Nero 12 a few years back . I have since changed computers to a windows 7 professional and have tried a number of times to activate it with the serial number which I was given by Nero but keep getting the message that my serial number is incorrect.
Lindsay Scott
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  • Hello Lindsay-

    If you try to install a Nero Product on more than one computer using the same serial number, you won't be able to activate the patents on the second computer. In that case, you would normally get a message similar to "it's installed on more than one computer" or similar message. I don't know if you need to get the patents reactivated or whether you're using the wrong installation file.

    What is the file name for the installation .exe? What are the first 4 digits of your serial number (don't post the whole thing here)?
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