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I’m increadibly concerned about Nero

How can you all accept products from Nero? I do no more, after my experiences!

If you have a look on the various problems you all report and deal with in the threads of the present forum, you see an immense number of different compatibility and functional problems in Nero products.
Since I have some insight into a consistent and professional development of complex software in safety relevant areas, and into the related support and product improvement, I can tell you, that a professional company is able to develop products which do not have as increadibly many bugs and functional omissions.

How can all of you, honored colleague customers of Nero, just talk about all these bugs, staying cool and open to resolve Nero's problems? It is not my duty as a customer, to find out how I can overcome the problems of Nero. A Software Product MUST BE DEVELOPED FOR THE ACCEPTED OPERATING SYSTEMS, even if these are changed by their related producers. If they are not capable to assure this, then Nero in our case should make a clear exceptions on its selling contract.
In case of functional bugs, this is however not excludeable by contractual means. An announced function MUST BE IN the product! Otherwise we can give it back or require a replacement which provides all functions.

You all make it easy for Nero, not to care about the quality of their products, but nevertheless take high prices.

Like this we do not improve our situation as customers!

Nevertheless, take care, and a happy New Year!
Perhaps you should not waste so much of your precious time, and buy a better product elsewhere!?
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