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I’m frustrated for sure

Is Nero taking over the music recording neighborhood?

I suddenly started seeing a problem a few weeks ago. Everytime I try to burn a cd from songs I have on iTunes, while in iTunes, Nero takes over (I think it's the burn to disk program) But the Nero program is trying to copy a cd to my pc, and I haven't been able to burn a cd since. The "Burn to disc" shows up as a place to store information, it doesn't matter what I am trying to save. I don't know how this started and I have searched for how to stop it in so many places, but with no results. Hope someone knows how to stop this thing.
Thanks a ton! Oh! I just noticed your update that the Audials Music Recorder for N.P.-18. I don't have version 18, but Audials just showed up also. Thanks?
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