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Nero Video Has Experienced a Serious Problem and Must Close Immediately

When using Windows 10 64-bit 1809 version, I have found that all 2019 versions of Avast Anti-Virus are causing problems when using Nero 2016 Classic and Nero 2019 Platinum. Specifically when using Nero Video to encode a video you will get a message saying:
“Nero Video has experienced a serious problem and must close immediately.”
The only solution I have found is to use a 2018 version of Avast Anti-Virus which doesn’t cause any problems with Nero 2016 or Nero 2019. I’ve found the best 2018 version to use is 18.5.2342 as it works best with Google Chrome. When using the Google Chrome Browser for awhile all of a sudden you will find that all https:// websites will be blocked. If you disable the Avast Shields and then re-enable them Chrome will work again for awhile but eventually it will block all http:// websites again.
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