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Re-Registration of an old, officially bought Nero Version

Hi there,

because of some problems I had to reinstall my computer.
After having problems with cdburnerxp I switched back to my formerly, officially bought Nero 9 version.
Even though I have registered Nero by installing some times when I start Nero express a registration window opens.
If I enter the necessary datas and press the registration button I always get the error code: unable to register, pleas ckeck internet connection.
The internet connection is working fine. I think the registration link of the old version has expired. So how can I avoid getting this ennoying message every several time starting Nero express?
Also, I think, besause of the missing registration, some third party codecs are not working using Nero Vision fpr example.
How can I get this problem fixed again for my old but good Nero 9?

Thanks a lot, kind regards,
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